Customization in Wool


Premium Materials with a Premium Construction

What separates our Special Projects rugs from our main collection? In a word, everything. Starting with the materials, our Premium Stock Handmade rugs are constructed from wool instead of nylon. The benefits of using wool include a higher pile, softer texture, and more vibrant colors thanks to the saturation of the wool fibers.

Delicate Manufacturing for Tough Rugs

Each Premium Stock Handmade rug is assembled by hand, through a loom, and carefully serged to ensure the highest quality finish possible. Though the process of manufacturing the rugs is an intricately delicate one, the resulting product is anything but. Each Handmade rug is made to stand up to the toughest abuse, with fantastic traffic and treadwear resistance and guaranteed long life of the fibers.


25 Designs, Any Size

Our Premium Handmade Collection includes 25 existing designs, available in any size. Call 000-000-0000 to find out more information today!


On the left: Old Crow - Red (Hand-Tufted) On the Right: Old Crow - Red (EnduraStran Nylon Construction)

See the Difference

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