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Why Use a Rug Pad?

So you’ve bought the perfect rug, brought it home, laid it out, and…returned to see it pushed over into the corner of the room. A beautiful rug with no underlying rug pad can cause wear on hard flooring, bunching, and “scooting”.

The perfect addition to any EnduraStran rug, an EnduraPad rug pad will ensure that your new purchase stays exactly where you want it, and even protects your floor at the same time.

EnduraPad rug pads are two-sided and reversible; the felt side for carpeted floors, while the rubber side is designed for hardwood floors.

They can be used under any kind of rug, and are specially sized to fit most applications. A rug pad helps to hold the rug in place and prevent any movement or bunching of the upper layer during high traffic.

All EnduraPad rug pads are made from recycled textile products and are Made in America.

EnduraPad rug pads are available for sale here:

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What Makes EnduraStran Rugs So Special?

DuraFibers copy

With DuraFiber products, enjoy the beneifts of 6/6 nylon; meaning,  the fibers have the strength and resilience to handle the abuse of house-hold traffic.  The fibers are colorfast and wear resistant and a breeze to clean.  This yarn system has the same benifts as EnduraStran fibers minus the Teflon & CRI attributes.  

 DuraFiber products that have a LOC-BAK substrate lay flat and will not gather or form wrinkles.  The inter-locking construction forces the rug to lay flat.  

 Rubber-backed products with DuraFibers are machine washable.  Because of the nylon construction, DuraFiber products can be enjoyed for years to come.

 The cushioned rubber-backing on your DuraFiber product is made from 20% post-consumer waste.  And provides under foot comfort.  The backing also makes your rug slip resistant and no rug pad is necessary. All washable DuraFiber products are MADE IN AMERICA!


Our family of products are made from premium nylon, manufactured in our exclusive EnduraStran construction which is integrated in the manufacturing process.

Nylon is the strongest yarn available. Polypropylene or olefin yarn will crush under distress and can break.  Further, Polypropylene and olefin have a natural affinity for soiling.

Nylon is used in things like flags, hammocks and lariot rope.

It’s the perfect resilient yarn that can take the abuse.

We apply two soil lifting properties in the yarn in the manufacturing process enabling a quick and easy clean up on your rug.

By always using premium nylon, infusing soil lifting properties and self-cleaning agents we create what we call EnduraStran fibers.  For additional protection, all EnduraStran fibers are carbon-filled, which reduces static electricity eliminating static shock. Our protection does not wear off and is present for the life of your carpet.

Our promise is; when you purchase the EnduraStran brand, your carpets have been tested, treated, and are constructed to meet a high traffic rating.

This commitment to “commercial grade” construction means we are not always the least expensive carpets.  However, you know what you are getting and avoid problems associated with cheaper carpets such as, shedding, unraveling, crushing or deep wear from foot traffic.

EnduraStran yarn systems utilize type 6,6 premium nylon fiber, the strongest carpet fiber available. To give you an idea of the strength of nylon, rock climbers entrust their lives to the strength of nylon ropes.


EnduraStran yarns have a soil-lifting proponent.                                      

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene is added in the manufacturing process which is also used as a non-stick coating for pots and pans.  These attributes means the yarns shed soil, making cleaning a breeze.


The yarn system is fade resistant, antimicrobial and commercial grade tested for heavy traffic.


Tested to guard against mold, mildew, fungi, and bacterial.


Tested to assure resistance to ignition such as cigarettes or fireplace embers.


All of our constructions are reinforced with the durable Loc-Bak TM substructure. This strong base forms the foundation of our product lines.  The combination of EndurStran yarn systems and Loc-Bak TM technology provides added strength and support to our carpets.

All of our product’s sub-surface are inter-locked by a durable grid system. This framework is coated with an emulsion of polymer microparticles for added strength and is bonded to the underside of our products.

This added reinforcement provides dimensional stability, meaning, products will maintain their size, shape, and will not pull apart. The structure provided by Loc-Bak TM prevents your floor cloth from crawling or gathering around table legs, etc.

Additionally, Loc-Bak TM gives them body and structure making them an ideal choice for over-carpet applications.  And all of our rugs are precision surged for added durability and finish.

By partnering with Loc-Bak TM, the team at EnduraStran can ensure they are providing products that can take the abuse of heavy traffic and busy families.

Note: with all rug purchases, we recommend using a rug pad.



With all area rug purchases a rug pad is recommended.  Rug Pads can be found here:

LOC-BAK products and DuraFibers are MADE IN AMERICA.

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Tips For Cleaning EnduraStran Rugs

We apply two soil lifting properties during the manufacturing process which helps our yarn shed soil. This means that our yarn is difficult to wet which makes cleaning our rugs an easy task. We recommend using hot water to clean our products, this also eliminates the harmful effects of chemicals. 

No carpet is totally stain proof and for the occasional stubborn stains we recommend the use of a dry powder cleaner, CAPTURE.

Buy CAPTURE below: