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Why Use a Rug Pad?

So you’ve bought the perfect rug, brought it home, laid it out, and…returned to see it pushed over into the corner of the room. A beautiful rug with no underlying rug pad can cause wear on hard flooring, bunching, and “scooting”.

The perfect addition to any EnduraStran rug, an EnduraPad rug pad will ensure that your new purchase stays exactly where you want it, and even protects your floor at the same time.

EnduraPad rug pads are two-sided and reversible; the felt side for carpeted floors, while the rubber side is designed for hardwood floors.

They can be used under any kind of rug, and are specially sized to fit most applications. A rug pad helps to hold the rug in place and prevent any movement or bunching of the upper layer during high traffic.

All EnduraPad rug pads are made from recycled textile products and are Made in America.

EnduraPad rug pads are available for sale here: